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Acoustic Baffles

Acoustic Baffles: Sound Management with Style
Elevate your space’s aesthetics while controlling sound with our Acoustic Baffles. Ideal for offices, studios, or any space in need of acoustic finesse and visual appeal.

Ceiling Baffles are the solution for any large space that has reverberation problems. Baffles can be arranged to create various architectural affects with various colors, sizes and models. Installation of Baffles in rows 24” to 36” apart over an entire reverberant area can result in an optimum acoustical environment. The work consists of furnishing all labor, materials, accessories and equipment necessary to cover all areas shown on the drawings and specified.

Acoustic Baffles – The Harmony of Form and Function

Welcome to the nexus of acoustic innovation and sophisticated design—our Acoustic Baffles are more than just sound absorbers; they are a statement of style. These versatile baffles effectively manage sound, reduce noise pollution, and enhance any space’s auditory experience.

Features and Benefits:

Visual Appeal: Choose from a myriad of designs, from sleek and modern to custom prints that complement your space’s design palette.
Sound Management: Expertly engineered to absorb and minimize unwanted noise, our baffles are ideal for busy offices, recording studios, and public venues.
Eco-Friendly Materials: Constructed with sustainability in mind, our baffles use recycled materials without compromising on quality or performance.
Versatile Installation: Designed for easy mounting on ceilings or walls, our baffles can be suspended, affixed, or even draped as curtains, adapting to your design needs.
Customization Options: We offer bespoke solutions with a variety of colors, sizes, and materials, including felt and fabric options.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: Available in standard and custom sizes.
Materials: High-performance acoustic materials with a choice of fabric or felt finishes.
Acoustic Performance: Engineered for optimal sound absorption across a wide range of frequencies.

How They Work:

Acoustic Baffles are designed to break up sound waves in the air, reducing reverberation and echo for a clearer and more focused sound environment. They are the perfect blend of function and fashion, making them suitable for spaces that prioritize both performance and design.

Customizing Your Space:

Looking to add a personal touch? We provide a full customization service allowing you to send in your design specifications or choose specific colors that align with your brand identity or interior decor.

Investing in Quality:

With Acoustic Baffles, you invest in a product that lasts. Durable, effective, and visually striking, they will maintain their performance and appearance for years to come.

Add an Acoustic Baffle to your cart today and start your journey towards an acoustically and aesthetically optimized space.

Our Hanging Acoustic Baffles are ideal for areas where reverberation from hard surface is an issue, designed to improve sound quality and to provide a decorative look within a room. Sonic Baffles are highly aesthetic and popularly customized. They offer an elegant and economical sound absorption solution. They are ideal for spaces with high reverberation time.

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Acoustic Performance

Acoustic Performance 1" Thick
Noise Reduction Coefficient 0.70

Absorption Coeff.(α) Frequency (Hz)
0.16 125
0.37 250
0.66 500
0.83 1000
0.91 2000
0.91 4000
0.70 NRC


Acoustic Performace 2" Thick

Noise Reduction Coefficient 0.80

Absorption Coeff.(α) Frequency (Hz)
0.12 125
0.41 250
0.82 500
0.95 1000
1.01 2000
1.01 4000
0.80 NRC


Fire Resistance

Fire Resistance

Incombustibility: The product is Class "A" as per ASTM E84 25/0/50. The baffles that we use provide very good fire resistant properties. Showing a flame spread of 25 or less as per ASTM E 84 by UL Flame Spread: 25 (class A). Smoke developed: 450 or less, smoke developed: 50.

Cleaning and Maintenance

These baffles are designed for long term use in building environments with minimal maintenance. These baffles, however, can be vacuum cleaned as per customer desire; additionally, any marks may be cleaned with a damp cloth/wipe.


Suspension Provision

Baffles hang from ceilings from galvanized chains, fastened to the ceiling, all Baffles are
factory equipped with eyelets. Grommets: Standard nickel plated, stainless steel
grommets available for highly corrosive environments, and brass.


Sonic Baffles can be placed and spaced as detailed on reflected ceiling plans and/ or
detailed on the interior elevation drawings.

Attachment Method

Plastic tie, coated wire tire, or stainless steel tie.

Additional information


Amethyst, Apricot Neutral, Aquamarine, Baltic, Bayberry, Black, Blue Neutral, Blue Papier, Blue Plum, Blue Spruce, Bone, Bronze, Buff, Cement Mix, Cherry Neutral, Chocolate, Chrome Green, Cinnabar, Claret Accent, Cobalt, Coin, Crystal Blue, Deep Burgundy, Desert Sand, Dune, Earth, Eggshell, Eucalyptus, Flannel, Green Neutral, Grey Mix, Iris, Lake, Lavender Neutral, Leaf, Light Moss, Lilac, Medium Grey, Moleskin, Opal, Pearl, Pumice, Quartz, Red, Rose Quartz, Sienna, Silver Neutral, Silver Papier, Steel Grey, Straw, Stream, Sunshine, Terra, Ultramarine, Vanilla Neutral, Verte Papier, Violet, Wedgewood, Wheat, White


24" × 48" × 1", 24" × 48" × 2"


7543 NW 52th Street Miami, FL 33166
United States

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