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Sound Proofing Materials by Acoustic Sonic

Soundproofing Services - Consulting

Great products and excellent consulting team make the difference.

Let our highly qualified and experienced acoustic engineers help with your soundproofing needs. If you have any questions or to schedule an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department at (786) 423-1756 / (305) 436-8360 or send us an email at

Soundproofing Services - Consulting

Acoustic Sonic, Inc. provides soundproofing consulting for South Florida and Nationwide.

Consultation Fees

Most fees depends on scope and location. Please call 1(888) 804-2839 for a fixed fee. Digital Testing services maybe higher.

Consulting available for different types of noise issues:
  1. Airborne Noise
  2. Traffic, stereo, voices, live music
  3. Impact Noise
  4. Foot-falls, machinery vibration, plumbing noises, a/c noise, pool pumps, garage doors, compressors, & water pumps
  5. Reverberation in restaurants, cafes, offices, gyms, sound studios, & more
Noise Survey, Noise Level Testing, Noise Measurement

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